WHS Products

WHS Products

WHS Foundation has partnered with WHS product providers to transform your work safety.

These Australian solutions will revolutionise the way your workplace manages, implements and monitors work health & safety.

We currently have on offer two specialised programs both aimed at increasing efficiencies across your business whilst allowing you to meet regulatory requirements.

Here's why we've chosen these products:


Australian based

Ease of use

Overall value for money

Risk Talk

Businesses around the world are transforming workplace safety by enabling workers on the ground with RiskTalk.

In Western Australia, RiskTalk and the WHS Foundation have come together to stimulate and capture the safety conversation, reduce paperwork, keep more workers safe, and managers and directors informed.

WHS Foundation is the home of RiskTalk in Western Australia.

Try RiskTalk for free

Take a tour around the RiskTalk dashboard and access our free demo site.

Online WHS

Manage your safety online with Online WHS.

It’s more than just a safety, system it’s a complete integrated management system. As you might use Xero or MYOB to manage your finances, Online WHS Systems is the solution for your safety commitments.

WHS Foundation proudly partners with WHS Systems as the exclusive agent for the Online WHS software in Western Australia.

To find out more, book an online demonstration or contact us!