Privacy Policy


WHS Foundation ensures the privacy of information for persons whose information it holds is kept in accordance with WHS Foundation’s Privacy Policy.

The WHS Foundation Privacy Policy can be accessed via the link below:



1.1        Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to provide directions in relation to the collection, use and storage of information about individuals which may be required by WHS Foundation.

1.2        Scope

This policy applies to all WHS Foundation:

  1. Employees;
  2. Associate Consultants;
  3. Clients; and
  4. Course participants and their employers, or those who pay for course attendance.

1.3        References

This Policy applies to the Australian Privacy Principles (APP) as scheduled in the Privacy Amendment Act 1988. If any part of this policy conflicts with the APP then the APP shall take precedence.

  1. Consent Form;
  2. WHS Foundation Assessments Policy; and
  3. WHS Foundation Records Management Policy.

1.4        Abbreviations

APP — Australian Privacy Principles.

ASQA — Australian Skills Quality Authority.

NCVER – National Centre for Vocational Education Research. USI – Unique Student Identifier.

1.5        Definitions

Employer — is defined as the organisation or individual who paid (or was liable for payment) for a person to attend a service delivered by WHS Foundation.



The guiding principle of this policy is that personal information held by WHS Foundation is relevant, accurate, stored securely and has restricted access.

The following protocols apply to the collection, security, access and retention of personal information.

2.1         Collection

Personal information will be obtained where WHS Foundation is required to obtain that information or where it is necessary for WHS Foundation to conduct its business effectively.

2.2         Reason for Disclosure

Where personal information is sought from an individual, the reason for obtaining the information and its’ purpose will be explained to that person.

The collection and use will be on the grounds that it will not be an unreasonable intrusion into the personal affairs of the individual.

2.3         Relevance

Where WHS Foundation is required to obtain personal information about an individual, such information will be relevant to the purpose for which it is obtained and as accurate as can reasonably be established.

2.4         Disclosure

WHS Foundation will not use or disclose personal information for any other purpose than the purpose for which it was collected other than as specified in Section 6 of this policy.


  • WHS Foundation will not collect personal information on any individual, unless that information is necessary to perform our normal business functions and activities.
  • WHS Foundation will collect information only by lawful and unobtrusive means.
  • WHS Foundation will take all reasonable steps to ensure that all personal information held is accurate and up-to-date.
  • Sensitive information will not be collected without the consent of the individual. Information provided to WHS Foundation by an individual will be deemed to be provided with


  • WHS Foundation will protect any personal information from misuse and unauthorised access.
  • WHS Foundation will not adopt any identifiers used by a commonwealth agency (eg. tax file numbers, license numbers) for an individual.
  • WHS Foundation will adopt its own unique identifier for individuals which will not be linked to any identifiers used by a commonwealth agency.
  • WHS Foundation will protect and not disclose to any third party the Unique Student Identifier (USI) of an individual to ensure privacy. It will not appear on any testamurs or statements of attainments.
  • WHS Foundation will not transfer an individual’s information to foreign countries in circumstances where the information will not have appropriate privacy protection.


  • Any individual from whom personal information is collected may access their personal information upon request.
  • On request from an individual, WHS Foundation will take all reasonable steps to generally inform that person what sort of personal information WHS Foundation holds, and for what purpose the information may be used or disclosed. WHS Foundation will require an individual to provide proof of identity before providing this information.
  • WHS Foundation will take all reasonable steps to allow individuals access to their personal information on written request.
  • WHS Foundation does collect and retain reports on an individual’s medical fitness to undertake certain WHS Foundation courses. This information will not be disclosed to any person or organisation without the written consent of the individual. Consent is to be provided on the Consent Form located in WHS Foundation.

5.1         Access to Personal Information by Employer

  1. Where training at WHS Foundation is funded by the employer and is a requirement of employment, WHS Foundation will provide a copy of the certification outcome at the completion of training, if requested.
  2. WHS Foundation will not provide access to reports, feedback sheets and other documents used in training unless the WHS Foundation Managing Director believes it is required under the APP —Principle – Use or Disclose.
  3. If the certification outcome is required by the employer at a later stage, a consent form signed by the individual must be submitted to WHS Foundation with the replacement fee.
  4. Where training is funded by the individual, WHS Foundation will not allow the employer to access the individual’s training records unless requested by the individual in writing on WHS Foundation’s Consent Form.
  5. Where training is funded by the employer, at the completion of training, should the individual be deemed ‘Not Yet Competent’, WHS Foundation will contact the employer and advise them of the outcome.

5.2         Access to Personal Information by 3rd Parties

  • WHS Foundation will not disclose personal information to any other organisation or individual unless required to do so by law and as described below.
  • WHS Foundation is required to provide personal information to the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) for the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) in carrying out its regulatory and statistical function in the VET sector.
  • WHS Foundation is required to pass on personal information and assessment documentation to other governing regulators for data collection and audit requirements.
  • Personal information will not be disclosed to a third party other than described above without written consent of the individual concerned. Refer relevant Consent Form found on internal drives.


WHS Foundation may market its services and third-party services to individuals on its database if it believes that those services may assist the individual to improve occupational safety and health.

  • The only personal information used will be residential, business or electronic mail addresses.


Access to information, complaint or comment on this Policy must be made in writing to:

Managing Director
WHS Foundation

PO Box 339
Willetton, Western Australia 6955


This Policy may be amended at any time to reflect WHS Foundation’s business needs or legislative requirements.

This policy can only be altered by the Training Quality Leader or Managing Director.


Last updated 3 March 2022