About the WHS Awards

The WHS Foundation, formerly known as IFAP, hosted the IFAP/CGU SafeWay Awards for over 40 years.

In 2022, the awards were renamed ‘WHS Awards’ to align with our new WHS Foundation brand and the new WHS harmonised legislation for WA, which increases focus on the ‘health’ aspect of health & safety.

Our WHS Foundation vision is Safer Healthier Work. The inaugural WHS Awards 2022 encourage, recognise and reward individual and organisational efforts and achievements to improve work health and safety.

The WHS Awards 2023 comprise of 12 contemporary award categories relevant to and recognising all types of business and industry. The awards are supported by our Gold event partner CGU Insurance, our Silver event partners Rail Train Holdings and Fire & Safety Australia, and our 12 individual award partners.

Award finalists will be announced ahead of the WHS Awards 2023 Gala Event. Award winners will be announced on the night.

We welcome applications from organisations operating in Western Australia that value work health and safety and wish to share and celebrate their WHS efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have renamed our awards to align with our new WHS Foundation brand and the new WHS harmonised legislation for WA, which increases focus on the ‘health’ aspect of health & safety.

You can only enter by submitting your nomination via the link on the website.  /www.whsawards.org.au

Entries are $100 for non-members.

WHS Foundation members enjoy FREE entry.

Check the criteria for the Awards you think you want and are able to satisfy and choose the best that suits your field/application/area.

By an independent judging panel. Please check the Terms and Conditions.

Yes. But you must apply for each award with a separate submission that satisfies the criteria of each individual award.

You will receive an email receipt confirming your entry.

Yes. Separate submissions are required. Please refer to criteria for each Award.

There is only ONE winner for each Award.

Yes. But be sure to get your tickets early as the event normally sells out!

Please email us at WHSAwards@whsfoundation.org.au

Yes, in confidence – ample notice will be given. Your organisation will need to have representation at the Awards Ceremony in order to accept the award.

Terms & Conditions

These ‘terms and conditions of entry’ apply to all entrants and partners in all categories of the WHS Awards 2023.

By submitting an entry, entrants shall be taken to have acknowledged and accepted these terms and conditions and to have agreed to be bound by them.

Entrants who breach any of these ‘terms and conditions of entry’ may be subject to disqualification.

  1. The WHS Foundation will administer the WHS Awards 2023.

  2. Entry for the WHS Awards 2023 is open to individuals, corporations, associations, partnerships, Indigenous businesses and other organisations operating in Western Australia or clients of the WHS Foundation. The WHS Foundation reserves the right to determine the eligibility of any entrant at its discretion.

  3. Entry to the WHS Awards requires completion of the Entry Form – WHS Award 2023 and the submission of supporting documents (electronic – no more than 500 words and/or video presentation of no more than 3 minutes). Hard copy entries will not be accepted.

  4. Entries must be sent to WHSAwards@whsfoundation.org.au and be received by 1700hrs (5:00 pm) WST on 21 August 2023 or any notified extended day.

  5. Entries dealing with technical, scientific or medical achievements should be accompanied by a summary in plain English. Industry jargon and buzzwords are discouraged. (Additional to the 500 words)

  6. Judges will have complete discretion in assessing entries, applying the judging criteria and determining the awards. The decisions of the WHS Awards judges are final and no correspondence will be entered into. The WHS Awards judging panel reserves the right not to allocate winners in a particular category.

  7. The assessment, conduct and results of the awards will not create any legal obligations between entrants and the WHS Foundation or its partners.

  8. Individuals, corporations or organisations submitting an entry to the awards must have all necessary licences, certifications, and insurance required by law, or otherwise appropriate, for the conduct of their day-to-day operational activities.

  9. Entrants should retain a copy of the entry, as no responsibility is taken for any loss or damage to entries. Entries and supporting material will not be returned to entrants.

  10. Each entrant guarantees that all information in its entry, including any designs and/or inventions, is the entrant’s original work or the entrant has a right to use such information and is true, accurate and complete. Entries must be an original idea and not simply a purchased solution. It must not infringe on any intellectual property rights including patents, copyright, industrial design rights, trademarks and trade secrets, of another company or person. Any information provided which, in the view of the judging panel, is or may be misleading or deceptive will be subject to clarification by written request.

  11. Entrants agree to allow the WHS Foundation judges, with reasonable notification, to visit premises that are the subject of, or related to, an entry for the purposes of verifying the entry.

  12. Entrants may be requested in writing to provide further evidence to substantiate their entries and, if so requested, such evidence must be provided within the stipulated timeframe outlined in the request. Failure to supply requested further information within the time stipulated may adversely impact on the entry.

  13. Winning an award does not signify endorsement of a particular product or a particular health and safety practice by the WHS Foundation or the WHS Award Partners.

  14. The WHS Foundation will make every endeavour, so that there is no disclosure to any third party of any information provided by an entrant that is marked ‘confidential’, except with the prior consent of that entrant or where such a disclosure is authorised or required by law. Marking the entire entry ‘confidential’ will cause the entry to be deemed unacceptable to judge for these public awards.

  15. All entrants authorise, subject to receipt of prior written notification and written approval, the WHS Foundation and its partners to use the information contained in entries (other than ‘confidential’ information) for any purpose it determines relating to the WHS Awards.

  16. All entrants authorise the WHS Foundation to publish details of their entry to digital media to publicise and market the WHS Awards. The WHS Foundation will not use the personal information of entrants for any purpose other than contact purposes related to the WHS Awards or as required by law.

  17. Entrants acknowledge that they may be required for presentations and media interviews in respect of their entry and agree to take all reasonable steps to make themselves available for, and actively participate in, such presentations or media interviews, particularly on the WHS Awards night.

  18. WHS Awards winners are not eligible to enter these awards with the same initiative/solution/contribution for the next three years.

  19. Partners of individual WHS Awards are not eligible to enter that individual Award. However, they may enter other WHS Awards, individual or multiple.

  20. The WHS Foundation, WHS Awards Partners, awards service providers and their respective officers, employees and agents do not accept any liability, however arising, including liability for negligence, for any accident, loss, injury, damage or other claim arising at any time out of or in connection with the WHS Awards, except for any liability that cannot be excluded by law.

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