Workplace Diversity & Inclusion Award

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The Workplace Diversity & Inclusion Award acknowledges and recognises a positive contribution of an individual or organisation that has introduced or adopted a workplace diversity and inclusion initiative or program with positive work health and safety (WHS) outcomes.  

Workplace diversity includes a range of differences among workers including race, religion, ethnicity, nationality, gender and sexual orientation, educational ability, language, and disability. Inclusion is about the creating a safe and respectful work environment that embraces diversity and empowers all workers to positively participate and contribute to the workplace thereby creating a positive workplace culture.   

Recent research and enquiries, including on workplace sexual harassment, have identified that a lack of worker diversity support and inclusion contributes to adverse outcomes including bullying, violence, aggression, discrimination, racism, harassment, sexual harassment, inadequate training and safety competency, and the creation of uncomfortable, unhealthy and unproductive work environments.    


The selection criteria for this award include the following:  

  1. The nature and features of the workplace diversity and inclusion initiative and its relevance or usefulness to WHS.  
  2. Attributes of the design, development, implementation, monitoring, review and improvement of the workplace diversity and inclusion initiative.   
  3. The benefit or improvement in WHS that the initiative addresses or achieves, including potential benefits or broader industry or general application. 


Entry to this award is open to all individuals, businesses and undertakings that operate in Western Australia, including the corporate, government, not-for-profit and community sectors.  

Individuals and business entities being nominated for this award must provide written permission for the nomination and for its use in WHS Foundation promotional materials.   


Submissions must include a clear written summary addressing the selection criteria below. (Up to 500 words in MS Word or PDF). However, to compliment the written submission, applicants are encouraged to also submit a short video (max 3 minutes) and additional supporting material including: documents, photographs, video / audio, web links or other relevant information with their submission     


A judging panel comprising 3 to 5 judges will qualitatively assess applications against the criteria above and select a short list of award finalists. One winner from the shortlisted finalists will be determined that, in the opinion of the judging panel, best demonstrates achievement of the award category and criteria.  


Finalists will be notified in advance of the award ceremony. The winner will be announced at the award ceremony on Saturday 14 October 2023 at the gala event at the Astral Ballroom, Crown Perth.